Joan McGinnis, MSW

As I’m retiring on August 29, 2021, I am no longer accepting new clients.

My book, How to be a Care Consultant and Care Manager: Working With Elders and Their Families with Compassion and Respect is available.

I’m Joan McGinnis, MSW, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Geriatric Mental Heath Specialist, Certified Care Manager, Director of Care Consultation & Care Management, Aging Well LLC.

My practice is a problem-solving approach to working with elders, the disabled, and their families. Serving King County and South Snohomish County, I work chiefly with clients and their families, but often involve physicians and other medical professionals, attorneys, guardians, care givers, placement specialists, and others who may be involved in the care of my client. My specialty is working with the varied opinions of those involved to resolve differences and reach an agreement for the care of the client.

My services include a comprehensive psychosocial assessment of the client with development of a plan for care which integrates the ideas and experience of the elder, or disabled individual, and their family members. A written assessment is completed if requested. I lead family meetings and care conferences with a focus on problem solving with those involved in the care of the client.

I am familiar with a broad network of resources to meet the individual needs of my clients. (I receive no compensation from my referral sources.) When appropriate, I will set up services needed by the client and/or provide ongoing monitoring of the care of the client.

In addition to care consultation and care management, I am available to provide consultation to care agencies and professionals, and for workshops and presentations.

I have over 30 years experience in working with the elderly and disabled, most recently developing the program of Care Consultation at Elderhealth Northwest in Seattle. Prior to my work with elders, I worked at the Marin Lodge treatment center for severely mentally ill clients, where I was eventually promoted to Program Director. With my experience of 30 years as a psychiatric social worker, I am qualified to deal with any situation that presents itself. I receive referrals from lawyers, doctors, social service agencies, and private elder-care providers.

For a detailed look at my services, and my approach, view my services and my book.

You can contact me by phone at 206.571.0491 or send an e-mail. Due to pandemic concerns, my physical office is closed indefinitely. Alternative conferencing, in addition to phone and email, will be available via video conferencing software. If you’re an Apple user, we can use FaceTime. If you use a different technology, I will accommodate that.

If you have agreed to consultation, print my Disclosure and Service Agreement.

If I have asked for a release of information, print out and fill this form. 

Please read the agreement(s) and bring to our first meeting, so we can discuss it and sign together.

Joan McGinnis, MSW